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NO. 6

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I hope our calendar is not too late (2021)

Junghun Kim
   I hope our calendar is not too late  Watercolor on paper, 90cm x 65cm, 2021 by Junghun, Kim
 I hope our calendar is not too late
Watercolor on paper, 90cm x 65cm, 2021
by Junghun Kim

    Suppose we face a period when the speed of destroying the earth's immune system is in proportion to the accelerating machine technology. What perspective can be nurtured in this specific learning time of the pandemic, with the revealed vulnerability of anthropocentric systems and inequality?

    The externally exposed social, political, and ecological problems are related to fundamental human attitudes of how our ancestors perceived, valued, exploited the natural world, and penetrated until nowadays unsustainable neoliberal attitudes. 

    In addition to this deeply rooted phenomenon, the grievous breath in forests and livestock animals' emotions from exploitive human hegemony are circulating through unified air. And species of humans, we breathe it together with all existing species. Ignoring their strangeness means losing our physical and spiritual sense and forgetting the balance of future and hope.

    To get closer to a sustainable vision, I believe the practice of looking at even one plant differently and projecting animal's eyes and emotion onto our human mind is the starting point for acquiring a new perspective in this complex era.

    The calendar focuses on clouds, water, plants, geological layers, causality, and yin and yang movement. The time we rely on is kept circulating by water and clouds. It flows everywhere and connects even in the deepest cave in the earth and will continually accumulate the history of circulation in geological layers.

    The contaminated water and air we humans create will be purified and polluted simultaneously, which becomes a new life for plants and affects our flora and fauna's condition. This integrative journey keeps a sustainable ecosystem both for humans and nature. However, the speed of extraction toward the natural world spreads the toxic circulation, and therefore, it continually disappoints the flora and fauna's expectation of regeneration and their future.

    In the calendar, there are many reflections and circulating yin and yang. Each clean and polluted water and cloud reflect each other and become one. Each month's colors and the use of vanishing points show the season and permanent relation we have with time. Together the plants and clouds create the future across the present time as a bridge to protect newly growing plants.    

    We will continuously meet the past ancient time, yesterday and this year, by air, water, and clouds. And the future is hopefully awaiting us to bring into more responsible causality.


Junghun Kim    
    Kim’s practice understands the enclosed dynamics of the natural world and investigates the generated casualties forced by human hegemony. Through a holistic way of imagining and experiencing various geopolitical areas, the artist envisions the acceleration point of causation, visualizes multiple narratives, and opens up conscious attention to dying ecosystems and interspecies struggles with humanitarian issues. Kim creates constellations of thoughts as activation systems with installation, sculpture, painting, and video to provide multidimensional engaging ways.

    김정헌 작가는 자본주의와 인간 중심적 사고가 발생시키는 환경, 휴머니티, 불균형 문제를 관찰하고 경험하며, 이를 바탕으로 하는 작업을 하고 있다. 미시적 거시적 접근을 통해 과거, 현재, 미래가 유기적으로 연결된 인과성을 이해하고 현재를 생동 또는 퇴화시키는 핵심 지점들을 설치와 조각, 페인팅 등 다양한 매체를 활용하여 조명하고 있다.